S. No. Faculty Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining No. of Research Paper Published  E-mail Id
1 Smt . Sadhna Kohli Asso. Prof. Mathematics M.Sc. 16.11.1983 mncshahabad@yahoo.co.in
2 Sh. S.S. Kajal Asso. Prof.  Commerce M. Com., M. Phil 02.08.1995 Surenderkajal5@gmail.com
3 Mrs. Bhavini Tejpal Asstt. Prof.  Commerce  M.Com., M. Phil, NET 02.01.2013 7 bhavinitejpal@yahoo.co.in
4 Mrs. Prachi Arora Asstt. Prof. Economics M.B.E, M.Phil, NET 25.11.2013 7 prachi.economics@gmail.com
5 Mrs. Bhawna Asstt Prof. Computer Science B.A, MCA, M.Phil, PGDCA, NET 18.07.2018 Nil bhawnaban@gmail.com
6 Ms. Sakshi Asstt Prof.  Commerce M.Com, NET 16.07.2018 Nil Simmi46arora@gmail.com
7 Sh. Harish Kumar Asstt Prof. Commerce M.Com., B.Ed, NET 01.08.2018 Nil harishkush69@gmail.com
8 Ms. Pooja Asstt Prof. Commerce M.Com, NET 04.08.2018 Nil Poojasaini98134@gmail.com